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Why is my water bill so high?

How do Plumbers Detect Leaks?

For the average homeowner, water bills tend to remain pretty steady in terms of the monthly cost they warrant. So when there’s a sharp rise in charges, the often correct assumption is there is a problem occurring in your system. When you get a high water bill, the indication is a sharp rise in cost that can be hundreds of dollars that unfortunately can be hard to deal with. Determining the source of the cost can be it’s own unique headache as well by being either something extremely noticeable or entirely hidden from you. The methods we use to find leaks can be:

  • Critically look over usage
  • First checking the water meter
  • Examine walls and ceiling for wet spots
  • Use food coloring on toilets and sinks

When a leak is obvious or the toilet is suspected of leaking, food coloring can easily help you find which item is the cause. Using it in the toilet tank for example and later finding it in the bowl will indicate that the leak is your toilet. That said, plumbers have quite a few specialized tools that can help them find the exact location where your home or apartment is experiencing a leak. Tools that use sound or vibration that simply are either expensive or rarely found in the home. For leak repair and plumbing services in Marietta, GA, you can trust Plumbers 4 Real to get the job done. Call 404-475-3009 today to set up an appointment and get your water bill back at the right price.

How do I Calculate my Water Bill?

It doesn’t take being a highly experienced homeowner to know that you have a problem when seeing a high water bill. However, those that own property should understand how to calculate their own water bill in the case of needing to discover if you’re ever being charged too much or to maybe catch a leak early on. The calculation to remember for this is minimum bill + volume charge = Total. How to find the minimum charge can be easily discovered by asking your water company or figuring out your ccf. Your volume charge is actually listed on your regular water bill. The average water bill differs from person to person, so it goes without saying a person living in a two person apartment will obviously drastically be different to that of a four person family living in a home. That said, a normal American does use around eighty to one hundred gallons of water per day.

Can a Leaking Water Heater Cause a High Water Bill?

Companies like Plumbers 4 Real offer services such as emergency plumbing so you don’t have to wait when it’s a plumbing emergency. Whether it be from appliances or pipes, leaks can sharply increase the amount of money you pay and leave you with a high water bill. When it comes to leaks occurring in your water heater, the signs are generally easier to detect than the pipes that are in your wall or underground. A person suspecting a leak in their water heater can generally see one of the following:

  • Pooling water in or around the water heater
  • Mildew and mold appearing on or in proximity to the water heater
  • A mass amount of condensation on or around the water heater

Toilets also make a huge portion of a person’s water usage, making up a chunk of the water bill for the average apartment or household. When a toilet continuously runs, that can mean a heavy amount of water going through and you footing the bill without knowing its happening. One of the telltale signs a toilet is continuously running is with a hissing noise is coming from the toilet. Another is the constant running is when the current in the bowl is running and not overflowing. 

Another easy to find water leak is dripping or leaking faucets. These are easier to find due to the leak being visible or the piping below showing clear signs of leakage. A leaking faucet can waste around seventeen gallons per day when left alone. When you suspect the leak may be coming from a faucet, yet it is not leaking, look at the pipe. You can see the leak in the pipe below through obvious leaking, moisture, or rot.

Are Water Meters Free?

Depending on your water company, a water meter is either free or at a set price. A water meter is used to measure the amount of water usage per person. By contrast, a water flow sensor detects the rate of flow and indicates when a certain amount goes through. While when a water bill is high it may be nice to think that a water meter is wrong, the devices are highly accurate. Getting a high water bill for that reason was more than likely recorded through the water meter. When they break, water meters very rarely cause the water to be high. Most water companies will say that it is impossible for a water meter to add anything to your water bill that is naturally occurring. 

When you find yourself needing plumbing services or have questions about water meters in Marietta, GA, trust Plumbers 4 Real. Call 404-475-3009 today to schedule an appointment.