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Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

Are you in need of garbage disposal repair? The fact of the matter is that there could be many reasons why your garbage disposal isn’t working. First and foremost, it is important to understand what foods and liquids not to put down your garbage disposal, so that you can avoid having to get garbage disposal repair in the first place. Please review the following list to discover more about what not to put down your garbage disposal.

  • Grease and oil. Grease and oil are very bad for your disposal. This is because clogs develop as a result of grease and oil mingling with food scraps and hair follicles. It is always best to pour oil and grease into a separate receptacle or container which can then be put in the trash.
  • Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have a bad habit of creating clogs too. Over time, coffee grounds can get stuck inside the trap of your disposal.
  • Pits and seeds. Anything as hard as a pit or seed will have a negative impact on the blades and inner workings of your garbage disposal.
  • Celery. Celery is fibrous and the fibers can become entangled in your garbage disposal and grease trap.
  • Rice and pasta. When rice and pasta harden, they can cause a lot of trouble for your garbage disposal.
  • Egg shells. Egg shells can be composted or thrown away, but they should not be put down the sink.
  • Animals bones. Animal bones are extremely rigid and will damage the blades of your garbage disposal over time.

Can a Garbage Disposal Be Fixed?

Are you wondering whether or not your garbage disposal can be fixed? A simple call to a local, reliable, and certified plumber will be the best course of action. In order to find a reputable plumber in your area, ask your friends or neighbors for a referral. It’s always best to consult a plumber with many years of experience versus a handyman without credentials or references.

Do I Need A Plumber to Replace a Garbage Disposal?

If you are requiring a garbage disposal removal and replacement, it is always a good choice to select licensed and insured plumbing professionals. That is because in order to become a plumber, an individual must go through many years of training and experience. They must pass tests in order to become certified. If anything goes wrong with your garbage disposal removal and replacement, a certified plumber will have access to insurance and be able to make the necessary repairs.

Can a Plumber Fix a Garbage Disposal?

The simple and best answer to whether or not a plumber can fix a garbage disposal is, of course, yes. Plumbers are licensed and trained to handle all manner of plumbing fixtures. The more years of experience a plumber has, the better. A master plumber, for instance, will have more experience than a journeyman plumber.

Can You Still Use the Sink if the Garbage Disposal is Broken?

It is important for homeowners to understand the nature of the connections between the garbage disposal to the sink and the dishwasher. The dishwasher discharge of wastewater is usually connected through the garbage disposal. This is because the garbage disposal occupies one of the drains of the dual sink. The dishwasher drains and discharge will not be impacted by a  broken garbage disposal. 

Garbage Disposal Not Jammed But Humming

Is your garbage disposal humming? If so, it is a signal that there is power flowing through the unit, but the blades are not turning. As a matter of fact, the humming sound could be a sign that the motor is clogged or jammed, which has resulted in the failure of the machine to grind properly. A reputable plumber will be able to get to the bottom of the issue.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services Near Me

The best way to find a garbage disposal repair service is to type in those words into a search engine. Smart technology will be able to pinpoint your location and the nearest plumber to your location.

Garbage Disposal Jammed With Glass

If your garbage disposal is jammed with glass, you are not alone. Many homeowners experience this event in their lifetime. Apparently, it is possible to use a hex key on the bottom of the disposal to help dislodge any glass that is blocking the blades.

Garbage Disposal Jammed with Potato Skins

If your garbage disposal is jammed with potato skins, there is a natural remedy available. You can use salt and baking soda to remove the offending clog. You can pour half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow this with six cups of boiling water. Let sit overnight and then flush with water. The hot water will be able to break up the clog and the baking soda and salt will act as an abrasive.

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