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Top Signs of Sewage Problems

on overflowing sink that wont drain properly

No one wants to experience the toll major sewage issues can place on their homes, infrastructures, and wallets. Therefore it’s wise not to ignore the top signs of sewage problems in your home.

But what are those signs, and how do you know they are serious situations and not something basic and unimportant? Here are a few of the signs you should pay attention to if you want to protect your home from a sewage nightmare.

Rotten Egg Smell

One of the more common warning signs is a rotten egg or foul odor from your sinks and drains. A clogged sewer line will emit a stench or smell due to sewage backing up in the line and further into your home. Sewer line problems usually begin from clogs and leaks, so you should definitely get it checked out ASAP if you’re smelling a stench.

Gurgling in Drains

A drain that gurgles is another top sign of sewage problems in your home. A gurgling drain means that your sewer system is clogged and blocked at some point. While occasionally this might be because of a blockage in your p-trap, multiple sewer drains gurgling in your home means that you could have significant sewer line issues that need to be addressed. 

Random Drain Clogs

If your drain clogs randomly, you might be witnessing a sign of a broken sewer line. This could be a problem with a municipal valve opening and closing that you might not be in control of, but you probably don’t want to take the risk of letting the situation get worse. Random drain clogs should prompt you to contact your nearest plumber immediately to check out your drain line for any damages.

Luscious Lawn — and Not in a Good Way

A luscious lawn is a big red flag and a top sign of sewage problems that you shouldn’t ignore. A lawn filled with water might mean your drainpipe is leaking, and you are in immediate need of sewer line repair. Tree roots, dirt, and debris can grow into the line and cause blockages and leaks that spill out into your yard. 

Another sign is if you have patches of grass that are much greener than others, indicating some areas might be getting fertilized by leaks from your sewer line. Either way, it’s a good idea for you to reach out to a professional to check out your mainline.

Sudden Water Bill Increase

A sudden water bill increase is another telltale sign, especially if you know you haven’t left a sink on or flushed a toilet more times than usual. If your line is leaking, it could indicate that water is getting away that you’re getting charged for. You don’t want to be showering or brushing your teeth with contaminated water, and you certainly don’t want to be paying double and triple for it, so take a sudden water bill increase as a sign of sewage problems.

Fixing Your Sewage Problems Is as Easy as Calling on Your Plumbers — 4 Real!

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