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The 6 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies That Need Attention ASAP

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Every so often, homeowners need to remedy a few plumbing issues affecting their appliances. While small leaks and clogs aren’t always a big deal, some major problems might demand a call to plumbing emergency services. It’s good for homeowners to know what issues can rest on the backburner and which ones require immediate attention. If you’re experiencing any of these six common plumbing emergencies, you should be on the phone with your local plumbers as soon as you can. 

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are not only bad for your wallet but can cause damage to other parts of your home without you even knowing. If a pipe bursts, you should immediately call a plumber to at the very least temporarily patch your pipes. Pipe bursting typically occurs with older pipes that can’t withstand water pressure and give way with rapid force. Pipes can also burst in the winter when water in the pipes freezes due to the cold weather. Prevent busted pipes with adequate maintenance to ensure they can handle the effects of the winter season.

Clogged Drains

Slow drains and gurgling noises are definite problems, but they aren’t emergencies if your sink still drains down all the water. Drains that fail to work are major issues, and you should call an emergency plumber for clogged sinks or gurgling toilets that don’t drain at all. Avoid using the drains for any reason, and keep an eye out when using water fixtures or flushing other toilets around the house. When in doubt, contact a residential drain cleaning plumber like the ones at Plumbers 4 Real before the situation gets worse.

No Hot Water

We’ve all been there — after turning on your shower for a nice warm winter bath, we hop in and expect warmth, only to feel the blistering cold water on your back. Unfortunately, no hot water means you have a major issue with your water heater, especially if it lasts more than a few days. You might have a broken dip tube or a leaking water heater, and the worst thing you can do is leave the problem for later. Reputable plumbers can help remedy the issue.

Your Toilet Keeps Running

When you flush your toilet, it usually runs for a bit before stopping, but the sound is so common that it’s easy to miss between the time you wash your hands and leave. Just think about how much water you’re wasting every second that goes by with your toilet constantly running! If you let it go for even a day, you can end up paying almost double the amount you usually pay, so you don’t want to ignore a running toilet. If your toilet sounds like it’s constantly flushing, it’s time to call your emergency plumbers.

Sewer Backups

If things are starting to smell a little — odd — at home, it might be a sign of a sewage backup. Your sewer is where all your waste goes, so it goes without saying you don’t want all of that to come back up into your home. Not only is it a disturbing smell, but it can pose plenty of health risks to you, your family, and even your pets. If you notice or smell a potential sewage backup, reach out to your plumbers for help.

Water Supply Problems

If you’re noticing low or fluctuating water pressure and soggy patches in your front yard, you might have a problem with your main water supply line. This likely indicates a major leak or some other form of structural damage causing you to suffer. If you notice signs of water leaking in locations in your yard or patches of grass that are much greener than others, you might have damage to your water supply line.

Solve Your Plumbing Problems With a Professional Plumber Near You

Many of these plumbing problems require a rapid response time from a company that knows exactly how to evaluate and fix your issues. If you want to prevent high water bills and extensive repair costs, reach out to Plumbers 4 Real. Whether you need expert drain cleaning services or an emergency plumber in Atlanta, our expert technicians are here to service your plumbing fixtures. Get in touch with us today and fix your plumbing issues ASAP!