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How do I fix my toilet?

What are the parts called inside a toilet?

 The “throne” as it is often referred to, is one fixture in a home that we depend on to always be there and in working order. Unfortunately,  like other things we come to depend on, toilets break, and toilet repair becomes necessary. With a toilet, there are many components within them that can be the problem.

A toilet basically has several moving parts, and those moving parts will break or wear out from use. Toilet repair doesn’t always require the services of a professional plumber if you learn the various parts in the tank and how it all works.

Take the time now to learn your toilet as we describe the various parts inside the tank so you’ll be better prepared for toilet repair. Placing the tank lid to the side, we’re going to describe a standard flush toilet that is found in most homes:  

  • The Handle and Flush Rod: The handle is the part you use to flush the toilet. The flush rod is attached to the flush rod which has a chain attached to it.
  • The Lift Chain: Extended from the handle horizontally is the lift rod which has a chain connected to it vertically descending to the tank bottom. This mechanism is what initiates the flush valve and allows the water to flush down through the toilet bowl. A toilet repair chain is usually shortening the chain or replacing the chain is one of the most common of toilet repairs.
  • The Flapper: There is a rubber flapper connected to the lift chain that is against the flush valve. When the handle is pressed down, the chain pulls the flapper up and the water inside the tank empties out.
  • The Flush Valve: At the tank bottom is a metal or plastic part that forms an opening that the water drops from when leaving the tank when the flush has begun. The flush valve and the vertical are usually connected to the overflow tube in a one-piece construction with a large O-ring seal fitting around the flush valve below the tank, often referred to the tailpiece.
  • The Overflow Tube: The overflow tube is attached to the flush valve, providing a safety measure that keeps the tank water from overflowing if there is a failure with the water supply valve.
  • The Shutoff Valve: On the exterior of the toilet, there is a water supply pipe that allows cold water into the toilet, located close to the floor to the left side and under the tank.
  • The Supply Tube: Coming from the shutoff valve and going to the water supply tailpiece at the toilet tank bottom is a steel mesh, plastic, or vinyl supply tube.
  • The Ballcock: Inside the tank, the ballcock, a vertical assembly, typically mounted on the tank’s left side that opens the supply of freshwater that refills the tank after the flush has completed.
  • The Float Ball: There is a floating device on all supply valves that senses when the water level inside the tank has reached the required level, then shuts the water supply off.
  • The Refill Tube: A flexible, small tube is clipped on the overflow tube at the top that has water coming from the water supply valve and refills the tank after the flush.
  • The Toilet Bowl: This is where you sit, the “throne” and it is bolted to the floor. A common toilet repair bolt to floor needs to be replaced or tightened.
  • The Wax Ring: Under the “throne” is a wax ring that creates a seal to connect the toilet to the drain, fitting to the flange. When a new wax ring is required, a toilet repair flange may be required.

What’s wrong with my toilet?

Some common toilet repairs that you may be faced with are:

A Running Toilet: A constant running toilet could be the flapper not sealing to the flush valve, allowing water to keep running. If the flapper is good order, replace the flush valve.

A Leaking Toilet: This can be one of several issues as described and should be addressed promptly to avoid waste of water and more damage. 

  • Water Supply Valve Leaking 
  • Supply Line Leaking
  • Toilet Bowl and Tank Connect Leaking
  • Toilet and Floor Connection Leaking
  • Tank Leaking at The Side

Can a toilet fill valve be repaired?

The fill valve will wear out in any toilet that is used regularly. The following are indications that you need to learn and recognize that will tell you it is toilet repair is needed by replacing the fill valve.

  • Loud Sounds: When the toilet is humming and screaming, it is typically when the ballcock metal parts wear out, not allowing the valve to open or close easily. This forces the water to flow through the hole, creating the loud sounds.  
  • Toilet Running: A flapper leaking will keep the water draining slowly and the fill valve will constantly run to fill the tank.
  • Valve Whistling: When there is a high-pitched sound coming from the ballcock valve opening, it is typically a toilet repair requiring a replacement of the ballcock.

How do you fix a weak flushing toilet?

When a toilets is used for some time, the flush can become weak. This can often be from calcium, lime, and other minerals building up inside the tank that block or restrict the water flowing, creating an incomplete flush.  Two ting that are an easy toilet repair is simply cleaning or replacing are:

  • Cleaning the feed holes and jet holes inside the toilet
  • Check the tank water level, the flapper maybe need adjusting or replaced

Why did my toilet explode?

A toilet with a flush assist system is a water-saving design that has been known to cause a toilet to blow up. There are some particular brands that have had recalls, over 2 million toilets, happen when there is stored pressure within the toilet system. This design is intended to empty water from the tank by pushing the water. When it reaches the weld seal, that pressure can cause the toilet to explode.

If you are not comfortable with doing your own toilet repair, calling a plumber is understandable. A professional plumber can perform toilet repair and installation quickly and correctly. With one of the many DIY videos and with retail home improvement stores, you can also learn how to do your own toilet repairs. Call 404-475-3009 today for toilet repair service in Marietta, GA.