Is Hydro-Jetting Safe for Older Pipes?

If you’re noticing clogged drains and pipes all around your home, it might be time for a deep clean that gives your clogged pipes new life. Hydro-jetting cleans out drains and offers homeowners a way to get rid of the dirt, grime, and other blockages blocking their pipes. 

But how safe is hydro-jetting for older pipes, and can you trust that it won’t damage your pipes more than it would with a simple drain cleaning? For homeowners looking for a way to stop those bothersome clogs, learn more about how hydro-jetting can help you.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is essentially a pressure wash for your drain, using high levels of water pressure to push water through drains to effectively get rid of any debris, dirt, and grime stuck on the insides. Hydro-jetting is much more effective than a drain snake, as it covers a larger area of your pipe, and the high-pressure water flowing through creates more force to get rid of tougher blockages.

Water jetting is also an environmentally friendly option and, when done right, is usually a one-and-done operation. In addition, your plumber will check your drain for any additional issues and determine if it’s safe to hydro-jet your drain. 

Signs You Might Need Hydro-Jetting

If hydro-jetting services appeal to you, how do you know if they can benefit your drains? The following situations apply to homeowners if you notice other pipe cleaning solutions fail to work or haven’t done maintenance on your pipes and don’t know their condition.

Your Pipes Make a Lot of Noise

Your pipes shouldn’t sound like there’s a battle going on down below. Gurgling, growling, and hissing sounds indicate that your pipe might require hydro-jetting and that you might have clogs slowly building up and putting pressure on your pipes. 

Bad Smells Coming From Your Pipes

Bad smells are rarely a positive sign, but there’s a difference between a bad odor from your kids’ socks and a bad odor from your pipes. Bad smells in your pipes indicate items stuck in your p-trap or a buildup further inside. Smells that are that bad located deep in your pipes mean you might have a wide-ranging problem that needs a hydro-jetting solution.

Slow Drains

Have your drains been slow lately? Slow drains are another indicator that you could have a buildup holding back the drains in your home. Letting this problem worsen isn’t safe for pipes and can lead to increased pressure and damage from the continuous force of water trying to get through.

Can Hydro-Jetting Harm My Pipes?

Hydro-jetting is a safe and efficient way to clean pipes. The only real worries homeowners should have with their hydro-jetting pipes is if pipes are past their lifespan or are severely damaged already. In this case, your contractor will probably suggest a replacement or repair for your drain or sewer pipes. So unless your pipes are already damaged to the point where they need emergency plumbing, hydro-jetting likely won’t cause unexpected problems within your drains or sewer line.

Hydro-Jet Your Pipes With a Trusted Plumbing Company

Hydro-jetting is safe for pipes young and old, but to be sure, Atlanta residents should contact the professional plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real. Our experts can take care of your pipes and have experience identifying any obstructions that might make hydro-jetting dangerous for your pipes. Contact us today and get in touch for more information on how you can get our drain cleaning services today.