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7 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning ASAP

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A sewer clog can cause major issues in your house!

If you don’t get that drain cleaned fast you may end up with a major backup and significant damage.

Look for these signs, then call the Marietta drain cleaning experts at Plumbers 4 Real if you see any of them in your house.

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1) You Have Many Clogs

If clogs seem to be popping up all over your house, call for help. There may be a clog deeper in your line, like in your sewer drain, that needs to be cleaned out for optimal drain function.

2) Your Plumbing Isn’t Working Normally

If odd things happen – like your toilet overflows when your washing machine drains or you keep finding water backed up in a tub and you don’t know why – call for a drain cleaning right away.

3) Your Water Drains Slowly

If your water seems to be draining slower than it usually does, give us a call. Lots of things can cause slow drains, but one of the most common ones is a clog or a narrowed pipe somewhere in the line.

4) You Smell Sewer Odors

Your sewer is supposed to keep sewage and its smell out of your home. If you can smell sewer odors, then it’s not doing its job and you likely have a clog somewhere.

5) Your Cleanout Drain is Clogged

If your home has been built in the last 25 years or so, you likely have a sewer cleanout either in your yard or your basement. Check this every so often. If you see water dripping out or there’s visible sewage buildup, you need drain cleaning ASAP.

6) Your Yard is Extra Green and/or Wet in Places

Both of these can be signs of a sewer leak. There are a lot of reasons why your sewer line might be leaking and you’ll need professional help to find the cause of your leak and get things back to normal.

7) You Hear Gurgling

Gurgling or visible bubbles mean that your system is not handling air and water correctly, which often indicates a clog. If you hear or see these signs regularly, get sewer help soon!

Call for Drain Cleaning Today

At Plumbers 4 Real, we are here for you and we will get your drains cleaned out ASAP. Call now so you can get on our schedule soon. We’ll have one of our plumbers out to you in no time to help you find the solutions you need fast.

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