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Seasonal Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

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Seasonal Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

The seasons are changing, and that means system checks, cleaning, and prep work. Remember to add your seasonal sump pump maintenance in Marietta to the list. In an ideal world, you completely forget about your sump pump because it works so well and automatically turns on in an emergency.

If you ever experience any problems, call the expert Marietta plumbing team at Plumbers 4 Real for any of your sump pump maintenance, installation, repair, or replacement needs. To keep it working reliably, follow these steps to optimize your sump pump’s performance! 

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Clean Out Your Sump Pump Pit

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Kick off the season by removing any buildup of dust, debris, sediment, and anything else that’s accumulated in the sump pump. Remove any debris or sediment that may have accumulated in the sump pit over the winter. The goal is to keep the water flowing effortlessly and prevent clogs. 

Check the Float Switch

Have you ever wondered what keeps your sump pump working, and how it knows when to trigger its pump, valves, or alarms? There’s an internal float switch used to detect the level of water or liquid inside a tank. It works as a switch by floating on top of the surface, going up or down depending on the level of water. 

If your float switch isn’t working properly, neither will your sump pump. Test to see if the float switch moves around freely and activates your sump pump properly. 

Inspect the Discharge Pipe

Your sump pump needs a clear discharge pipe to release any water that’s trying to flood your basement or crawl space. It serves as your sump pump’s final exit point and requires a way to exit without backing up or flooding. Take the time to look over the discharge pipes for blockages, damage, or cracks. It’s also important for it to direct water away from your home’s foundation.

Inspect the Pump Seals

Your sump pump will have seals that could eventually deteriorate, tear, or crack. Look for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Don’t wait until there’s a heavy storm. Replace any worn out parts quickly to prevent any leaks.

Check the Pump’s Capacity 

Have you made any changes to your home or noticed an increase in flooding? Check to see that your sump pump is actually the right size for your needs. You may need something more robust if you’ve added drainage or finished a basement project.

Test the Sump Pump Alarm 

If your sump pump has an alarm, it’s important to periodically test it. It’s also wise to change out the batteries or run a test on them to see how much power they probably have left. In case of an emergency, always keep an extra set clearly marked for your sump pump nearby.

Verify Your Backup Power Source

If your sump pump relies on electricity to run, you may need a battery backup system. This step is especially important if your home is prone to power outages or floods. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your sump pump will continue to run no matter what, keeping your home dry. 

Test Your Sump Pump

There’s nothing wrong with testing your sump pump first,  before you do anything else. However, if you take any of the above steps, such as cleaning out your pit or checking the float device, you need to check your sump pump again. Pour water into the sump pit to trigger the pump and watch that it activates properly and does its job. Turn off any music or noise and listen for any strange noises or vibrations that may indicate a problem. 

Schedule Sump Pump Maintenance

Even with DIY sump pump maintenance, it’s still a good idea to have yours inspected by our plumbers in Marietta periodically. We can help identify any potential issues and ensure everything is working the way it should. If you’re thinking about replacing your sump pump, we can also go over your options and determine which one will work best for your home. 

Review Your Home Insurance

Did you know that some homeowner’s insurance policies cover sump pump failures and water damage? Make it part of your sump pump maintenance plan to review your insurance and take out additional coverage if needed. 

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Sump pumps are the first line of defense for keeping your basement or crawl space from flooding. But just like with the rest of your plumbing system, you need periodic sump pump maintenance in Marietta to keep it all working.

The team at Plumber 4 Real is here to handle all of your sump pump maintenance, repairs, installation, and replacement needs. We also offer a full range of services for your plumbing, sewers, drains, and more.

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