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Orangeburg Pipe FAQ: What You Need to Know

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Orangeburg Pipe FAQ: What You Need to Know

Does your home use Orangeburg pipe, and you’re trying to figure out what to do with it? Our team of experienced Marietta plumbers can help with all of your plumbing issues in Marietta, including addressing Orangeburg pipe.

We’ve put together some common FAQs and next steps to help restore the integrity and reliability of your plumbing. Continue reading to learn more or simply reach out to Marietta sewer experts for more information or get your questions answered!

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What is the Orangeburg Pipe?

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Orangeburg pipe is a sewer pipe that was primarily used for properties built between the years 1945 and 1972.

It was made from layers of ground-up wood pulp and asbestos fibers and treated with a water-resistant, cohesive coal tar to keep it all together.

These lightweight pipes were popular for a few decades due to their low cost.

They’re sometimes referred to as fiber conduit, bituminous fiber pipe, or no-corrode pipe.

Why Is It Called Orangeburg?

Orangeburg gets its name from a namesake town in the Northeast. The Fiber Conduit Company in Orangeburg, NY, originally mass-produced these lightweight pipes. They later changed their name to the Orangeburg Manufacturing Company.

Is Orangeburg Pipe Still Used?

No, Orangeburg piping fell out of favor in the 1970s as more reliable options hit the market. However, you can still find them in some older homes. Homeowners are encouraged to work with a licensed plumber in Marietta to measure the deterioration and stay on top of a replacement before they collapse. Otherwise, you could face a mess that compromises your home and health!

How Long Does Orangeburg’s Sewer Pipe Last?

Orangeburg sewer pipes were expected to last about 50 years, but many systems began to break down and cause issues after just a few decades. Experts often compare the material to asphalt-soaked paper and pulp, and over time, it eventually deforms and fails.

Does Orangeburg’s Pipe Need to be Replaced?

Yes! If your home still uses Orangeburg pipes, it’s critical to replace them as soon as possible. Depending on your home, the pipes, and their condition, we may be able to replace them with trenchless sewer repairs. Call Plumbers 4 Real today to inspect your pipes and assess where they run, if they’re reaching under sidewalks and driveways, and how we can quickly resolve the issue before it creates a big mess in your home.

What Are Some Signs of Orangeburg Pipe Failure?

Some of the signs of Orangeburg pipe failure are the same as those of other common plumbing problems. Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Foul sewer odors inside your home or in your yard
  • Slow, sluggish drains or complete blockages
  • Low water pressure
  • Mold
  • Sinkholes in your foundation or driveway
  • Skyrocketing water bills
  • Toilets frequently back up and clog

You should always assume the matter is urgent in case your Orangeburg pipes are breaking down. Otherwise, they could collapse completely and create a time-consuming, costly mess to repair. Rest assured, we can fix the problem, no matter how big or small it is.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Orangeburg Pipes?

The cost to replace Orangeburg pipes varies depending on the size of your home, location, how much pipe needs to be replaced, existing damage, and whether or not trenchless plumbing repair is possible. It’s best to call the experts at Plumbers 4 Real to assess the issue, come up with a plan, run through all of the details with you, and get upfront pricing.

Call the Experts for Orangeburg Pipe Help in Marietta

Don’t wait for your Orangeburg pipes to turn into a plumbing emergency in Marietta! Reach out to our team to get on top of the problem so you can rest easy and enjoy your home again. Plumbers 4 Real offers prompt, courteous service and we’re always transparent and upfront with the work involved and costs. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!

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