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How to Clean and Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposal

If you’re like a lot of homeowners in Marietta, you love your garbage disposal but you don’t think about it very much. In fact, you might not think about it until it breaks down!

However, some simple thoughtfulness and maintenance can prevent that. At Plumbers 4 Real, here’s what we tell our customers about garbage disposal maintenance. Need help with your garbage disposal? Give the expert plumbers in Marietta, GA from Plumbers 4 Real a call today!

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Avoid Putting Certain Items Down the Disposal

If you just avoid putting some items down the disposal, you will be lightyears ahead of most people. Don’t let fats or the lining inside eggshells gum things up. You may also want to avoid putting very hard things, like cherry pits, down your disposal, too. Bones are never a good idea, and even coffee grounds can sometimes make a mess of things.

Run Hot Water Down the Disposal Regularly

Turn on your hot water and just let it run down the garbage disposal for up to five minutes. This helps melt any gummed up fats that may be impeding the functioning of the disposal. It also helps make sure that everything that should be down the drain is!

Keep the Garbage Disposal Fresh

If your garbage disposal smells, it’s likely that something is stuck in it. However, if you have checked it and cleaned it, it may just be getting older. Smells can build up over time and produce significant odors. To get rid of this, try chopping up peels from a citrus fruit. Then, put them through the garbage disposal while running the water. It should smell fresher soon.

Clean Out the Garbage Disposal

There are several ways to clean your garbage disposal. One of the easiest involves putting ice and kosher salt down the disposal while you run the water. The chunks of ice can clear out buildup and gunk.

You can also put equal parts baking soda and vinegar in your disposal. Let them sit for up to ten minutes, then run the disposal as normal. While there are chemical garbage disposal cleaners available, this is usually equally as effective.

Get Garbage Disposal Help Today!

If you can’t get your garbage disposal in Marietta to work the way you need it to, call us at Plumbers 4 Real today. We’ll get an experienced plumber out to you soon to get that disposal working again as quickly as possible. Call now and we will be there soon!

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