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Common Winter Plumbing Problems & How to Prevent Them

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Common Winter Plumbing Problems & How to Prevent Them

Did you know that winter brings its own set of plumbing challenges? Some of these issues are a direct result of cold weather and storms, while others may occur incidentally.

Discover more about these typical winter plumbing problems and how to steer clear of potential plumbing emergencies or home damage. This knowledge can be your shield against unexpected plumbing hassles!

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1) Clogged Drains

Feasts during the holidays may lead to clogged drains if not handled carefully. Only dispose of approved items in your garbage disposal; the rest belongs in the trash. Run plenty of water each time you use the disposal and let it run for a minute afterward. Occasionally, run ice through the disposal to maintain cleanliness.

2) Frozen Pipes

Winter can freeze pipes, both indoors and outdoors. Take proactive measures before the cold sets in. Disconnect outdoor hoses and shut off water lines to your outdoor spigots. Insulate pipes prone to freezing, and in extremely cold weather, leave cabinet doors open. Maintain your home’s temperature at a minimum of 58 degrees to prevent freezing.

3) Sump Pump Issues

Winter storms may exert extra pressure on your sump pump, and freezing is a possibility. Ensure regular maintenance and testing for your sump pump, and keep the basement warm to prevent freezing. Redirecting your gutters to channel water away from your home can also reduce the load on the sump pump.

4) Water Heater Challenges

Holiday gatherings can strain your water heater, making it struggle to provide enough hot water. Help it cope by insulating it with a special blanket, available at your local hardware store. Insulate the surrounding pipes and prioritize regular maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently.

5) Outdoor Drain Challenges

Outdoor drains are susceptible to freezing or clogging with leaves, leading to various problems. Keep drain covers free of ice, leaves, and debris. Consider investing in metal drain covers, as they withstand cold temperatures better than plastic ones.

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