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Common Water Heater Problems & How to Solve Them

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8 Common Water Heater Problems & How to Solve Them

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If you’re a homeowner in Marietta, GA or Smyrna, GA, chances are your water heater isn’t on your mind much until it decides to act up – then it’s all you can think about!

Read on to learn more about some common Smyrna and Marietta water heater problems and what you can do about them!

If hot water troubles are giving you a headache and you’re not sure where to begin, just give the expert Marietta plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real a ring. While some issues might have DIY solutions, others are best left to the pros.

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1) Zero Hot Water

Sometimes, you turn on your hot water only to find that it’s gone completely. While you could try flushing your water heater, it often requires a plumber’s touch to sort things out once things have gotten to this point.

2) Too Little Hot Water

Running out of hot water faster than usual? It could be your heater’s size not keeping up with your needs. Upgrading might be in order. Also, check that temperature gauge – maybe it got nudged down accidentally.

3) A Slow Water Heater

Is your water heater dragging its feet on reheating? Flush it out. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s time for a professional to take a look and see why it’s not heating fast.

4) Water That is Too Hot or Too Cold

If your supposedly “hot” water is lukewarm or scalding, start by adjusting the temperature gauge. If that doesn’t fix it, the temperature-pressure valve might be the culprit – time to call in a pro.

5) A Noisy Water Heater

For a loud water heater, start with a good flush. You may have sediment bouncing around the tanks. If the noise persists, it’s going to need professional attention to restore some peace and quiet.

6) A Leaky Water Heater

If you can locate the leak, you can try adjusting the pipe connections. If the issue persists or the leak is from the heater itself, don’t wait – bring in professional help before that small leak becomes a flood.

7) Rusty Hot Water

Rust equals corrosion, most likely somewhere inside your water heater. Swap out the anode rod and flush the tank. If the problem persists, it’s time to consult a pro for a thorough assessment.

8) Smelly Hot Water

A foul odor could signal a bacterial issue in your water heater tank. Drain the tank, fill it with water and hydrogen peroxide, let it sit, then drain again. If the smell lingers, a professional antibacterial treatment may be in order.

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If troubleshooting isn’t your thing or you just need water heater repair in Marietta in a hurry, give Plumbers 4 Real a call. We’re here in Marietta, GA or Smyrna, GA, ready to fix those water heater woes ASAP.

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