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Are Water Heater Repairs an Emergency?

Why do you need water heater repairs?

Well, the answer to that question is answered by another question: Are you the one taking a shower when the water heater quits working? Yeah …. It is all about perspective isn’t it?  If you’re not in the shower when the water heater quits, then water heater repair isn’t an emergency to you, right? Unless you know how to fix a hot water heater, then maybe you wouldn’t be so concerned. 

Water heater repairs are needed so that you can have hot water and to save money by not buying a new water heater. Sometimes, a water heater can go out at the wrong time of the month, when all the bills are due, and the funds are short to replace the unit. So, water heater repair is the next best thing. Gets you hot water again without costing a lot of money and a professional plumber can advise you What heater repair or replacement is best for the situation at hand. 

What is hot water heater repair? 

The standard water heater has an insulated storage tank. These tanks hold anywhere between thirty gallons to eighty gallons. For as much as they are used, water heaters are an unsung hero in every home, a  reliable appliance – until it quits working. Some common water heater repairs are: 

  • No Hot Water: A cold shower isn’t for everyone and when the water heater stops making hot water, it is time to check things out. If you have a gas water heater, check the pilot light and electric water heater, check the breaker. It could be the control valve, thermocouple, thermostat, or heating element. These are all things that water heater repairs can fix. 
  • Insufficient Hot Water: If you start out with hot water and it goes cold pretty quickly, there can be several issues causing that, and water heater repair may or may not be the answer. A professional plumber can check your water heater out and let you know the prognosis. It may be a temperature setting, and that is something you can check. It could be a heating element or sediment build up in the tank. 
  • Odor or Rust Color Water:  When you turn on the faucet and the water is rusty-looking or has an odor like rotten eggs, there are bacteria built up in the tank. Flushing it may help, which you can do yourself following the manufacturer’s instructions, or schedule water heater repairs with a professional plumber. Either way, you need to get that bacteria out of there. 
  • Strange Sounds: A water heater should be relatively quiet. If you’re hearing mysterious sounds, hissing, popping, or rumbling noises, that is usually an indication of sediment built up inside the tank. Again, flushing can help this, and sometimes, other water heater repairs are needed by a professional. 
  • Water Heater Base Leaking: This is a nuisance and usually a leaking water heater may not be salvaged with water heater repairs. A professional plumber can inspect the water heater and let you know. Sometimes, it is a fault temperature and pressure relief valve, or even a leak from another plumbed appliance. 

What would cause a hot water heater to stop working?

In addition to the things we just mentioned above, other possible water heater problems like no hot water can too high water pressure coming into the house. The biggie that many water hear repairs find is the lack of maintenance by homeowners.  As we said earlier, the water heater ist the unsung hero. We have them installed and go about our day.  Review the manual that comes with your water heater and following recommendations of flushing the tank.  This will keep your water heater working better and longer without water heater repairs. 

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

The most common problem that technicians find on water heater repair service calls is a leaking water heater. The first thought that people have is the tank is leaking, but it isn’t always the tank. Sometimes, the water heater repair is nothing more than replacing a broken drain valve or turning the water pressure down at the meter. Other cause of water leaking could be the sediment build up inside the tank, which goes back to the maintenance issue we mentioned above. 

Do you call a plumber to fix a hot water heater?

In most cases, yes, water heater repair calls should go to a certified plumber. There are possible other water heater issues that could require an electrician: 

  • Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping
  • Fuse Keeps Blowing or Overheating
  • Wiring Has Come Loose Causing Reset Button to Trip

What are the signs of a failing water heater?

There are five indications that you may need water heater repair or replacement:

  • Never enough hot water
  • Loud noises of gurgling, popping, rumbling
  • Cloudy or colored water
  • Pressure Relief Valve leaking
  • Water leaking from tank 

What is the lifespan of a water heater?

The lifespan of a water heater can vary from brand and quality. Other factors that can make a longer or shorter lifespan for a water heater is the water quality and homeowner routine maintenance like draining and flushing the tank.  With a good quality water heater on a good water system and routine maintenance, you can expect 15 years average lifespan. 

Remember, your water heater is the unsung hero of your house. Take care of it with proper routine maintenance, and it will give you a long life of hot water, probably longer than the average of 15 years. Call 404-475-3009 today for your water heater system in Marietta, GA.