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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Pipes and Plumbing System

The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” holds doubly true when it comes to extending the life of your pipes and plumbing system. Keeping your plumbing in good working order is important to you as a homeowner, which includes preventing slow or clogged drains, clogged pipes, obstructions in your plumbing lines, leaking toilets, and other plumbing perils. A few simple tips can help you extend your plumbing system’s lifespan and prevent plumbing issues, so you spend less on plumbing services and repairs.

Tackle Leaks

Regular maintenance is the lifeblood of your home’s plumbing system, so always address your system’s maintenance needs and plumbing issues ASAP to extend your plumbing system’s lifespan and prevent plumbing issues. If you notice leaks or drips, remember that they are more than water wasters. Leaks and drips can also damage your plumbing fixtures, walls, furniture, and floors. Fixes for most leaks and drips are beyond the purview of the average homeowner, so call a plumber for speedy repairs as soon as you notice one.

Be Tough on Clogs

The same can be said about slow-moving drains. Clogged showers, tubs, and sinks are more than just a nuisance. Allowing a plumbing problem like this to fester can only make things worse – and it certainly won’t resolve itself without some intervention. Again, call a plumber for help if you notice that bathtub or sink water drains more slowly than usual. Taking care of the problem before it becomes a full-blown obstruction (usually from food scraps, grease, oil, or hair) can save you a headache (and more expensive repairs) down the road.

Take Care of Your Toilet

The best way to avoid a clogged toilet is not to flush things that might end up obstructing your plumbing system and causing major problems. Even so-called flushable wipes can harm your plumbing system since they can ultimately cause blockages not just in your pipes but in your septic system. Feminine hygiene products, an overabundance of toilet paper, and things like cotton swabs are common plumbing clog culprits that can obstruct the water flow and lead to clogs and overflowing toilets.

Be Good to Your Water Heater

Your water heater also seldom gets a thought until it starts functioning as it should or springs a leak. If you observe a leak or if you see rust and corrosion on the exterior of your hot water tank, it may be time to replace your water heater. Tackle water heater problems head-on to extend your plumbing system’s lifespan and prevent plumbing issues.

Don’t Forget Your Garbage Disposal

You probably think very little about your garbage disposal until it stops working like it should or starts to smell. Keep it running in its best condition by avoiding the disposal of things like bananas, eggshells, shellfish shells, bones, and coffee grounds — these should go in the trash instead. Keep the drain clean; clean your disposal from time to time to prevent buildup and deposits that can cause odors and other issues. Finally, throw some ice cubes in the disposal once a month, as this helps to sharpen the unit’s blades.

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